Are Marble Kitchen Countertops A Bad Idea

Are Marble Kitchen Countertops A Bad Idea

Hereof is marble good for kitchen countertops. Marble is relatively comparable in price to granite which usually sells at retail outlets in a range from 100 to 225 per square foot.

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Are marble kitchen countertops a bad idea. Genuine natural stone including granite marble travertine and others are the natural choice for countertop surfaces. East Side Dedicated Residential Remodelers. Going with a man-made countertop means that it may be mass-produced and you could find the exact same countertop in your neighbors house.

1102018 The pros and cons of marble counters First we need a quick lesson on the different materials for countertops and which material is best for your kitchen. Any time you invest in solid countertops it is indeed an investment. Its less forgiving and can stain more easily but you also dont have to worry about etching from acids.

Since marble is a natural material no two countertops will have the same marbling and coloring. Honed marble is ground down and isnt polished so it has a matte texture that feels more organic explains Sklar. If youve worked with marble tiles for instance they cut easier than granite which is prone to chip more easily.

Picturing lightly scratched or etched marble surfaces may leave a bad taste in your mouth at first but countertops that sport subtle wear have an appeal all their own. The main benefit of quartz over marble is durability. Depending on the type and of marble you choose the price ranges from between 125 and 250 per square foot.

They are quarried from the ground and their natural state and sliced into slabs for use in your kitchens. 1182018 Marble gives you a chance to be unique and have a countertop nobody can mimic. As you correctly pointed out marble countertops have been used for centuries.

Most often they do regret it. Many homeowners and marble enthusiasts adore the look of weathered stone as it adds an element of uniqueness and character. Marble is not a bad material.

I dont think one is any worse than the other I just think that marble represents a working surface that is going to require more vigilance than granite. 2232015 Due to all this marble requires some maintenance to keep it pristine though many prefer the gradually aged surface with etches and stains that blend into the grey veins over time. While you can easily pay 60 a square foot or more for granite and marble slabs individual tiles are a fraction of the expense.

Marble countertop in the kitchenbad idea. Think of marble as the jeans of countertops they will work better and better while wearing and aging gracefully giving them a unique and organic character. Marble countertops can be fabricated to have fancy ogee edges as well as other profile styles due to the softness and overall workability of marble.

Even when you add in the extra cost for your plywood backerboard adhesive and grout the costs still wont compare. However when it comes to making it an investment transparency becomes a crucial step. Many people who install marble kitchen countertops do so without knowing or being warned about etching which presents an ongoing marble maintenance nuisance.

The options for kitchen countertops can seem endless. Is marble worse than granite. 5222020 The polished marble texture you normally think of with countertops isnt the only finish available.

The pros and cons of marble countersGranite the other top countertop material is not as durable as quartz but is still more stain and scratch resistant than marbleMarble is porous allowing oils and stains to seep into the stone and softer than granite or quartz allowing scratches and chips. 3172017 Eliminating or at least reducing our exposure to chemicals and additives has proven beneficial to our health. Yes marble is softer than granite and yes marble stains easier than granite.

Click to see full answer. Cost of Marble Kitchen Countertops. Yes marble is pretty which helps trap many buyers into overlooking the maintenance demands of a marble kitchen countertop.

562014 The marble was also one of the less expensive choices in stone countertops and certainly more economical than the quartz I was considering as a second option. Marble cuts like a dream. Quartz is a man-made product that is non-porous so stains cannot set into the stone and incredibly durable basically scratch proof.

1072020 marble for kitchen countertops If you are thinking about taking on a kitchen remodel choosing marble for kitchen countertops might be your best idea. A marble kitchen countertop is a potential bad idea not because it cannot do the job but because cleaning marble and the marble maintenance required will frustrate most owners to the point they regret installing marble in the kitchen. 6242015 One of the driving factors behind marble countertops is the low cost.

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